Customer Portraits | Lucy Adkins

We asked Lucy how she would describe herself: “Blonde, petite, rock and metal lover. Love to shop & I appreciate anything that’s quirky or off-key. Enjoys gigs, eating out & laughing.” We’d also add to that she’s one of the strongest and kindest people we’ve met.


The story we’re about to tell about Lucy doesn’t define her, but it definitely has had a massive impact on her life and has changed her outlook on life. 9 years ago, Lucy was tragically hit by a drunk driver and spent the following 2 years to learn to walk again. This life-altering event changed her how she wanted  to live, and while she always admired TGF jewellery she had never purchased anything before until she released life was too short not to buy ‘awesome jewellery’.



Her collection started 6 years ago with the Stone Signet and now consists of the Michael Rodent, Death From Above Skull Ring, Old Motörhead Warpig, 3D Skull, Skull Stud Earrings, Rose Studs and the Engraved Dagger Pendant.


She was also lucky enough to win the Skull and Crossbones Signet on the gumball the day she came in for the shoot so her collection is already growing.

And who would Lucy like us to collaborate with? “No brainer…..Rob fuckin Zombie!”


Photography by Josh Beech.