Customer Portraits | Leanne Cole

Lovely Leanne is a hospice nurse from Leicester, and when she’s not at work she spends her spare time at gigs and most of her rings have been purchased when she’s come to London for a special gig to mark the occasion. Leanne’s favourite band is Bring Me The Horizon, her folks surprised her with the limited edition pendant and chain for her graduation last year in 2019.


All her jewellery holds special meaning, especially her Naga Skull ring. As Leanne says so perfectly “To me a snake shredding its skin is the start of a new chapter of its life and I think this happens a lot in your early 20s through friendships, education, jobs and relationships. I also feel as a hospice nurse you need a thick skin but also need to be able shed a skin to show vulnerability to your team to make them aware that you could be struggling with a situation.”

Leanne is a life-long Disney fan, brought up by parents who love rock ‘n’ roll so it made sense that her first piece from us was the Micheal Rodent ring. She prefers shopping in-store rather than online as she loves how genuine everybody is from staff and other customers, and she’s had some memorable, interesting conversations within the London soho store and she keeps coming back as “it feels like a family when you are in there”.


Photos by Josh Beech.