Customer Portraits | Brogan Marshall

Brogan is a designer from London and has been a TGF customer for a couple of years, building up a healthy collection in that time.

Working in Soho, she spotted the omnipresent motorbike outside the Ganton Street store 5 years ago and the unusual shop windows enticed her in. The music and hospitality she receives at TGF has kept her coming back over the years, and she has since introduced her parents to The Great Frog, both Motörhead and heavy metal fans and old school bikers (she recently bought the Guardian Bell for her Dad’s motorbike), who both loved the store and its history.

Brogan has always loved skulls and the gothic aesthetic so discovering TGF was her ‘perfect brand’. The majority of her collection comprises of skulls and she rarely goes a day without wearing her armoury – aside from when she’s on her bike, then it’s gloves on and rings off.

Brogan’s TGF extensive collection includes .. Naga Skull Ring, Skull & Crossbones Signet Ring, Carpe Diem Ring, Open Skull Band Ring, Smallest Evil Skull Ring, New Skool Skull Ring, Square Gem Ring, Flaming Heart Pendant, Praying Hands Pendant, Spider Pendant, Belcher Chain, Thin Knife Edge Chain, Thick Knife Edge Chain, Small Anatomical Skull Studs, Skull & Crossbones Studs, Dagger Studs and ‘B’ Alphabones pendant. Her favourite items are ones that have been gifted to her; her Flaming Heart Pendant and Square Gem Ring from her boyfriend have the most sentimental value.

And if the lucky man is reading this .. On her wish list Brogan is eyeing up the Skull and Dagger Bangle, Shackle Bracelet, Small Skulls Bracelet and the Skull Wallet chain for her motorbike ..


Photos by Josh Beech