Customer Portraits | Alys Twinley

Lovely Alys has a meaningful TGF collection mainly inspired by her gorgeous son who joined us on the day.

After her son was born, she was gifted the Soaring Eagle Ring for her 30th birthday because she ‘felt like a caged bird’ so this design was something she could hold close to inspire her. When her son started nursery to help with the transition of her baby growing up and to mark this milestone, she wanted an eye ring to match his bright blue eyes. She emailed a photo of his eye to us at head office and we managed to find a blue eye to match. Both rings, along with her Small Feather Setting with Onyx and Small Kudu, are worn daily.


Alys has introduced her mother and brother to TGF and we have no doubt her son will be getting his first piece before long.


Photos by Josh Beech.