Choosing a TGF Piece in Gold

Seen a TGF piece you love but know you’d love it a lot more in shiny gold? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve pulled together this guide on gold to help you get started, including an overview of all the different types of gold, an explanation on gold pricing, and some ring suggestions depending on what you’re looking for.

A limited selection of our 925 silver pieces are available in 9ct yellow gold online, but virtually all our designs can be made to order in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Ultimately, a gold ring not only looks striking but it’s also a smart investment piece, as the precious metal is known to increase in value over the years.

Different types of gold:

9ct is favoured by some of our customers as the high proportion of other metals within it makes it more hard-wearing. If you want a more long-lasting ring, then 9ct is the choice for you. We usually recommend this metal for our very intricately detailed designs such as our Old Warpig ring.

18ct and 24ct gold are appreciated for their radiance and are much warmer and brighter in tone than 9ct gold – but with their higher percentage of gold, it comes at a higher price.

Rose gold is a warm alternative to yellow gold and is made of a beautiful alloy of gold and copper.

White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals such as silver and palladium. It is a popular choice of metal for engagement rings and wedding bands.

While gold contains a combination of metals, platinum’s purity makes it naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for those with skin sensitivities. Denser than gold and twice as dense as silver, it can be quite heavy but this is often a favorable quality. The value of platinum is more volatile than gold due to its other more industrial uses, but its rarity means it stands the test of time.


The price of gold constantly changes every day, which is why we need to provide you with a quote for each made-to-order gold product.

At TGF we pride ourselves on the quality of our jewellery – each piece is lovingly handcrafted. If you already have one of our 925 sterling silver items, you’ll know that they are solid and you get your metals worth. We strive to provide this same level of quality with our gold products as well.

Enquiries & Quotes:

For all gold enquiries and quotes please email [email protected]. Gold quotes can take a few days to gather so please bear with us while we source these. Once you have a quote it’s valid for two weeks.

When emailing for a quote, please ensure you include the following information: a link to the product you would like in gold, your ring size, the type of metal you would like, and the carat you would like.

We make all our jewellery to order and gold can take a little longer than silver. Our current jewellery production and shipping times are approximately 5-6 weeks but please also double-check this when enquiring.

Find your perfect gold piece:

Looking to get your gold collection started? Check out our buying guide below for some great starter rings and popular styles:

9ct Gold Small Plain Signet

Our smallest Signet Ring in solid 9ct gold. Beautiful on smaller fingers, this is perfect for a pinky ring. White or rose gold also available.

9ct Gold Band of Skulls

Our classic Band of Skulls in beautiful solid 9ct yellow.

Sammi x TGF Rose Gold Signet

Usually available using mixed metals of a 9ct yellow gold rose framed and set into a 925 sterling silver signet base, this piece can also be made in your choice of gold in its entirety.

9ct Gold Medium Anatomical Skull Ring

Our classic Medium Anatomical Skull Ring in weighty 9ct yellow gold.

Gold Jawless Anatomical Skull Ring

Our classic Jawless Gold Anatomical Skull Ring in beautiful gold.