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Celebrating Everyone at TGF

We opened our doors in 1972 and it’s been a diverse crowd from the start. The Great Frog attracts unique & beautiful likeminded souls, so the term ‘diversity and inclusivity’ feels like a formalised phrase of what has been at our heart since the beginning. (Where’s everyone been?!) Still…

An unspoken core value, inclusivity means accessibility – for all. Dedicated to the ever developing needs of our thriving and growing Community, part of our mission is to build better systems and communication for others and continue to celebrate and acknowledge our incredible customers, colleagues and friends.


Our new website has launched! New audio and visual elements to help people with hearing and visual impairments – keyboard navigation, increased font sizes, aria labels and high contrast mode. Our Instagram posts include alt text to help those with visual impairments and Tik Tok now comes with voiceovers and written captions. We want everyone to be able to see, hear and connect. 

Our Community

We want to shine a light and focus on causes that are close to our hearts. We lead, as always, with kindness & integrity and celebrate the events that are integral to supporting and appreciating the diversity of our community and how far we’ve come. 

31st March – Transgender Day of Visibility

April – Stress Awareness Week

9th May – Mental Health Awareness Week

June – PRIDE Month

October – Black History Month 

In true TGF style we’ll keep it light – there’ll be music, limited edition designs and creations. There will be resources and information for you, our community, that we hope will be comforting and useful in navigating what we know is still challenging world, for those speaking their truth. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and any events you’d like us to get involved in or days you’d like to celebrate. Feel free to send a DM or email with suggestions.


We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

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